About me

The most difficult page of them all. I won’t talk too much about myself, I’ll leave that to the people that I’ve worked with, but I will share a few things:

I started my very early career as a graphic designer which I began learning at the age of 15. I wasn’t satisfied with knowing only graphic design, so I learned video editing and a bit of animation. After some time, I realized that web design is very interesting and started working on a few blogs. I started G33k.mk (currently only alive through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) and went on to study E-Business at the University of Ss. Cyril and Methodius in Skopje, Macedonia.

At the university, I gained insight into the business world, but most importantly, I learned about the world of E-Business, E-Commerce and Digital Marketing. This really got my attention and I went on to work on a bunch of projects spanning from simple websites for friends’ side-projects to a full-blown online shop, and a tri-lingual website for a consultancy, which included Arabic and Farsi languages (neither of which I speak).

Apart from building those websites, I built digital marketing platforms for some of the same clients, which included CRM systems, social media presence, SEO and Google Maps listings, as well as some serious marketing automation setups.

When I’m not working, I like to work some more listen to podcasts and audiobooks, research new and exciting marketing tools, services and techniques, read comics, play single-player games or Magic: The Gathering with friends, lose myself in the world of astronomy, argue about which OS is better and why, and fix all of my family and friends’ computers, and only occasionally write blog posts here and there.

Some of the clients I’ve worked with

Logos - Emir Al Kafadji

What others say about me

Emir was a very positive and energetic executive with a good soul when I got to know him working on the Eferio project together. I can see a bright future for him both as a specialist in communication and marketing but also in the area of business development and management. Hope to be able to work with him in the future again 🙂
Richard Murbeck, Founder & Group CEO of Eferio
Emir is a very creative marketing professional, with excellent sense and knowledge of the digital marketplace. He consistently came up with novel and fruitful approaches in sales and marketing to popularize our brand, generate interest and close new deals. He also has a great personality that makes him thrive within positive, goal stretching business development teams. I fully endorse him to any future prospect employer that seeks to boost creative power in their team.
Nikola Georgiev, Product Execution at Aerdata B.V. (A Boeing company)
Emir is a knowledgeable and ambitious person. I would recommend Emir for any type of job-related to e-commerce and e-business.
Stefan Perdal, CEO at Miracle Mill GMBH
I first met Emir while guiding a project group at St Cyril & Methody University of Skopje. His work was fresh and professional, so it seemed logical to accept Emir for a position of intern at Eferio.
After having fulfilled his internship hiring him into my team came naturally, and during the total of about one year I worked with him, I got to know Emir as someone who is sincerely interested in his work, and makes sure his work interests him. He’s very widely oriented, knowledgeable about anything that’s new, hip, and taking over the future, and always eager to dive into something new. He’s smart, honest, and a great guy to work with!
Marvin Reigersberg, Allround IT & E-Commerce Specialist
Emir is a valuable asset to every company. His main qualities are his creative and exploring mind and the willingness to always strive for more. Emir constantly learns new things, upgrades his skills and is up-to-date with all the technological news and innovations.
In Piksel, his was invaluable in the digital marketing department where he implemented social media marketing plans, greatly helped with the design of social media posts, landing pages and web banners, and was in charge of advertising and reporting.
I would gladly recommend Emir for any serious company that aims to deliver high-quality service to their customers.
Vladimir Ristevski, Marketing Director at Piksel LTD
Emir deserves the word “one of kind”. He is one of the most talented and enthusiastic people in the world. His knowledge and education are broad and he can help each company in different areas: brand creation and development, promotion, web design, graphic design, communications, marketing, organisation, management, etc. I would describe him as “a box full of ideas”. He always has something to offer, and he always knows at least three solutions for a problem. I could speak about this person a lot more, but then nobody would have time to read my opinion. So in the end, I would just say, that if you are looking for a loyal, devoted, always inspired and hard-working person, I would definitely recommend him.
Ivana Balabanova, Founder of Beatrix Cultural Center
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